Department of Anaesthesia

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The Department of Anaesthesia is one of the foundation departments of the Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta. It offers excellent anaesthetic support to the growing surgical specialties and caters for patients requiring care in the emergency room as well as  patients requiring intensive care. The categories of staff in the department include  physician anaesthetists, nurse anaesthetists, anaesthetic technicians and clerical staff.

Head of Department:
Dr. Sotannde Adeshola Isiaq
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Phone NO: 08034871194, 07056790032

To provide safe and  affordable anaesthetic services within the context of Standard Anaethetic  Practice and to promote development of human capacity in anaesthesia.


  • Dr. A. I. Rasaki MBChB,DA, FMCA -Consultant Anaesthetist
  • Dr. A. Odewabi MBBS, DA, FMCA           -Consultant Anaesthetist
  • Dr. B. A. Faniyan MBBS, DA                  -Consultant  Anaesthetist
  • Dr. J. A. Adepoju MBBS, DA                 -Consultant  Anaesthetist
  • Dr. G. M. O. Anuforo MBChB, DA, FMCA -Consultant  Anaesthetist

Services Provided
•    Perioperative  management of patients.
•    Management of critically ill patient in ICU.
•    Acute pain management and   resuscitation

Training Programmes
•    Resident training limited presently to Residents on rotation
•    Departmental seminars and clinical meetings, Hospital grand round meetings
•    Acute resuscitation training

5-Year Targets

  • Commencement of full residency training in Anaesthesia
  • Setting up acute pain management team
  • Setting up of Epidural analgesia in labour.
  • To have more multi-parameter monitors and arterial blood gas monitors.
  • To have  more anaesthetic machines  and  multichannel biochemical analyzer.

Contact us

Federal Medical Centre, Abeokuta.

Olabisi Onabanjo Way, Idi-Aba

Abeokuta, Nigeria


Tel: +(234) 8095948007, 8095947913


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